Next lens: Sony 135mm GM vs. Sigma 24-70 F2.8 vs. Sony FE 24-105G vs. ?

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Re: Next lens: Sony 135mm GM vs. Sigma 24-70 F2.8 vs. Sony FE 24-105G vs. ?

StefanMunich wrote:

I assume I already have a decent lens portfolio and to be honest already feel sometimes to have too much lenses. Nevertheless I often feel to lack something in between and more versatile.

My kit is very complete on the wide end with: 24GM, Batis 40 and 12-24G. Most times the Batis 40 is on my camera, the other two are more special lenses. I like them all.

On the Tele side I have the FE 70-300, which I bought one week after release when it was the longest E Mount Tele. I use if sometimes but not very often. Especially as it is already heavy with 854 Gram and I do not need 300mm very often and it is already "dark".

Nevertheless i feel to miss something. On A6500 I had the 16-70Z zoom which was good and versatile allrounder. Most times I used the the widest (16 - approx. 24mm) and the most upper end of the 16-70Z fully zoomed to 70mm. Of course the lens is not very bright with F4 but for travel it is a good compromise. I still use it sometimes on the A7R4 (especially during travel to be lightweight) but of course it does use a small portion of the sensor.

So I feel the need to add something that fills the upper gap coming from widest end to 40mm that are filled perfectly and having a mid class tele zoom that I do not use that often.

I am thinking about:

- Sony 135mm GM -> not versatile of course, but feels great in the hand and somehow impresses me

- Samyang or Sigma 85mm F1.4

- Sigma 24-70 F2.8

- Sony FE 24-105G

- some other versatile lens?

What do you think? I am a bit cought in the trap where I do not really know what to get is right.

Don’t think you need more lenses. If anything I would probably add the 200-600

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