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Re: DeepPRIME or Topaz DeNoise AI

IanYorke wrote:

panther fan wrote:

A DNG not only contains image data but also things like an ICC profile for the RAW converter. So a preprocessed DNG will show up in C1 or Lightroom with the same color as the original RAW. A TIFF will not.

That makes Workflow much easier as you can adjust your RAW, later decide you want some denoise, and just copy your adjustments onto the new file and get the same results

Also almost no RAW converter including DXO has a "linear ouput mode" where no default contrast curve is applied. While most DNG exports leave that untouched

Again, as I understand it, I am afraid you have it the wrong way round. A linear demosaiced DNG file such as that produced from DXO or a LR pano is basically a Tif file that does not have a white point applied and therefore when you open the file in different raw converters they apply their own default interpretation. Therefore if you want to keep the colour you produce in for example DXO in another application export as a Tif.


The DNG appears to be a TIFF but enables you to adjust Adobe/Camera profiles like a RAW file can (which you cannot do at all on TIFF). The problem arises with your point in how Lightroom interprets the profiles compared to DXO. Some profiles may be close but if you want the colours as DXO displayed you must export in TIFF. Other advantages to the DNG export include more extensive chromatic aberration and lens profile corrections, which are restricted with TIFF files on Lightroom.

So far I think DeepPrime does a great job with details, but doesn't seem to do anything with separating what's in and out of focus, as Topaz Denoise AI tries to do (and can be very inconsistent). When used with "Lens Sharpness" it is less prone to nasty artifacts than Photolab 3, but there are still some present. For some images I would still do additional denoising with Topaz Denoise.

I find DXO's chroma noise reduction in PRIME and DeepPRIME vastly superior to either Lightroom and Topaz. Topaz's chroma noise reduction is mainly for removing added chromatic aberrations due to the denoising process (if it's noticeable I only bring it up to 0.05)

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