Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

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Re: Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

Olympuse20 wrote:

Interesting. and thanks for the feedback. Excellent. developed both FP4 and HP5 in constant agitation and find both of these not to have the contrast as compared to TRI-X which has more contrast but I don't like the level of grain in TRI-X

You can expose and develop most films to a contrast level of your choice. Films by themselves do not "have contrast". Look at datasheets closely:

For example, Tri-X datasheet states: "The following starting-point recommendations are intended to produce a contrast index of 0.56", i.e. for different contrast index you'll need to adjust dev. time.

HP5 datasheet says the same thing: "adjust the recommended development times until the desired contrast level is obtained".

Sometimes manufacturers list different development times for different contrast index. You can develop HP5+ and Tri-X to look 100% identical. This is the primary reason why you should stop using monobath and switch to developer+fixer routine.

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