Canon R5 - Storms on Lake Michigan

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Re: Canon R5 - Storms on Lake Michigan

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Great shots and what a color composition. Loved it thoroughly.

I was just going through the exif data and you ahve all of these shots at 1/4000 or faster. I'm not a pro, so please pardon my ignorance, is there any photo of this very thing you have taken with a lot slower speed? Something like 1sec or slower? Just wanted to see the effect of water blasting off the red lighthouse.

It's the fast shutter speed that makes the water look like it's "blasting" off the lighthouse. A very slow shutter speed would have slowed the water to a blur and you'd lose the impact of the spray showing the force of the water. But artistically, it might be interesting to see what the shots would have looked like slowed down.

I have no idea how it will look like. My thought process was the sea will be smoothened. However the water jets off the lighthouse will be interesting. Something like light painting I am hoping. May be wrong since I have no experience like this

Either way probably not possible to do a 1s exposure in 25MPH winds no matter how solid you tripod is.

Sure it is... you just have to really want it.  Just need a setup that allows you to block the wind (so long as it's not coming straight at you and it doesn't appear to be doing that in these photos).  Heck, you may be able to flip out the screen and block the wind with your body.

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