Autofocus Confusion with an M50

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Re: Autofocus Confusion with an M50

Klavierspielender wrote:

Hi folks

as a hobby photographer and being relatively new to the Canon M system I am a little bit confused about the auto focus methods.

Is there a way to have Face/Eye-Detection at Spot AF mode on the M50 ? Or tracking mode without AF-roulette in the beginning (for example, initial Spot AF for setting tracking object like my GRII does)?

If not, is there any Canon M body which is able to do this? Or even the EOS RP?

Either I do not understand the camera systems logic or Canon has artificially dulled the functions.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi, The M50 has face detect but not eye detect.

In AF Method set Face detect+Tracking.

Touch the screen to tell the camera where you want it to start tracking. Works with monitor view or EVF view.


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