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Re: I Guaranty There's a Whole Lot More There...

Astrozoid wrote:

jasonm10 wrote:

Boy, this is a great thread. Not only am I learning about post processing, we are learning how to handle files and stuff.

Can't wait until Astrozoid gets the correct file and plays with it. I think Kemo-sabe is going to be thrilled because there's probably a lot more data there he didn't know to process.

Well, I am sorry to disappoint.

This was what I got out of the original DSS stack.

This is a mess.

It was not calibrated correctly.

No, It is not a mess to me. It lets me know I'm doing something wrong. Maybe the 16.5 hours of data is good or not. That doughnut has been driving me crazy.

However your skills post processing is extraordinary. I have not been able to get that level of detail to date.

I must say Thank You, Jerry.

This reminds me of a statement my Mentor once said to me, "Bob Johnson, all data is not good data it is up to you to know the difference."

Looks like I did not know the difference in good data vs bad data in astrophotography.

Garbage in Garbage out, lol.....:-O  Which leads to the question:  What caused the bad calibration?  I did not calibrate any frames (subs).  I used in camera dark frame extraction (LENR).

Did the LENR cause the mis-calibration or are my setting wrong in DSS?

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