Need help replacing PaS camera

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Re: Need help replacing PaS camera

Don’t over think it. And you can’t have it all (low light, UWA, WA, Portrait, Telephoto, Verizon) unless you’re willing to pay closer to $1,000 for it. Verizon will limit you to more mainstream brands (Samsung, Apple, Google, LG, Motorola).

I’d also point you toward an iPhone 11 as a starting point. That’s a UWA and WA lens with a pass on the portrait lens, and this phone has a good battery life. Get your feet wet. Resale value is good, so there’s that too, if you feel a need to upgrade quickly. Not Verizon, but Cricket (AT&T) has a good deal on IP 11 right now ($499). I’ve used this MVNO before and they’re fine.

You can’t vary the aperture on a smartphone lens, although you can adjust fake bokeh on the go on some models. On the highest end models, using more manual controls, it can take a lot of PP work to beat an image taken in Auto Mode. So you may find your workflow changes.

For a lot of us, with a smartphone, you’ll take many more images than you ever did with a camera. You’ll spend more time viewing them on a smaller screen AND less critically. And you’ll also find that you’re post-processing a lot less of the images too. It also can change travel photography to more of a broad documentary exercise (more social or thematic) and less of a one looking for keepers and masterpieces.

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