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Andre Yew wrote:

Nickemmano wrote:

That really helped out a lot. Ease and accuracy of af is a big factor for me. Maybe because of the aperture of the 85 canon you would miss more. Because the depth is so much narrower it would make sense. However what would you suggest to someone with no brand loyalty (no lens lineup behindme to make me choose one over the other) and for the use case i mentioned earlier (land-cityscape and travel with some portraits)??

For your case, either system would work well, and it's really up to your budget and personal preferences. Canon doesn't have a native 85mm any smaller than the 85/1.2, and that is a huge lens. You could adapt the EF 85/1.8 to it, too. If you're a zoom shooter, there's little to choose between the two. If you're a prime shooter, Nikon has more choice right now for native lenses.

AF accuracy as far as I can tell is the same on both systems, as well as AF acquisition speed. The Canon wins by making placing the AF box faster, which is useful for sports or action photographers. That's not to say the Nikon can't be used well for those subjects, but requires a different technique. I'm perfectly fine shooting with the Z6 for my action subjects.

Almost all big 3 offer me the lenses i want (natively) but i see some serious variation of price. These are the kits i am considering for each:

- Canon: EOS R5 (4800 euro), 15-35(2690 euro), 70-200 2.8 (3000 euro), 50mm (i will post the price of the 1.2 even though 1.4 is plenty enough- 2640 euro) and a macro lens whenever that comes out and whatever the price (i assume it wont be more than 1200 euro). An estimated price for the whole kit based on the current native lenses along with bags, cards, batteries etc is about 15000 euro

- Nikon: Z7 II (although not still available here i assume at most 3500 euro), 14-24 (unreleased but i assume around 2400 euro) or 14-30 (1440 euro) or 20 1.8 (1190 euro), 35 1.8 (949), 50 (649) and 70-200 2.8 (2799) and a future macro lens (possibly 1100) along with the miscallenious stuff for a grand total of 11000 euro at the most (maybe 10000 euro if i buy the less expensive ones)

- Sony: a7R IV (3600 euro), sigma 14-24 (1500 euro) or tamron 17-28 (1000 euro) or 20 1.8 (1090 euro) or sony 24 1.4 (1500 euro), sigma 35 (810 euro), sigma 50 (750), sony 90 macro (1100) and 70-200 2.8 (2839). Not sure about the sigma primes as they are from dslr but i assume sigma will update them at about the same price and given that the af is great on them. Anyway along with all other accessories the price is ranging from 10840-11340 euro (based on the wide lens)

Based on this info what would you choose as a system? (A recommendation for the wide lens or some change based on your experience would be nice)

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