Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

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Re: Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

You're using DF96, right? That's not like most other developers, however it's the one I use. Here is the thing with that developer: temperature matters a lot more than agitation. Or, rather, you start with temperature and the agitation you use really needs to depend on the temp. Cinestill says 80 degrees f is for constant agitation. My experience is that you really don't want to go above 80, even though +/- 2 degrees is typically alright. If you're 80 1/2 it's fine, maybe 81, but don't push it. If I've done 81-82 with constant, the results lose fine detail.

Honestly the very best results for me usually come from 75-76 degrees and intermittent agitation, much like the instructions descibe, maybe 2-3 seconds more agitation than recommended each time, if my temp is a degree over 75. I usually use Fomapan 100, HP5 or Delta 400 (don't forget to double time for Delta).

Remember, temperature affects development and agitation affects not development but fixing, since this is a blend of developer and fixer. It all depends on getting the balance right.

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