Dusted down my a99 after using a99ii...

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Re: Dusted down my a99 after using a99ii...

tbcass wrote:

DivineMadcat wrote:

Feel free to point out where I called out Sony as a whole, or expressed dislike for the sensor. Debate is fine, but please don't put words in my mouth.

I was a loyal user who has felt left out to dry, and yes, I have no love for the Sony system as it stands. Nor am I upset using another system powered by a Sony sensor, since the system as a whole is received much better support.

That said, I am glad they finally released this new adapter, as it was long overdue ( what did have been released from the start), and I hope it works out well for everyone..

You are right and I understand why you left A Mount. What I don't understand is why Fuji. I think Fuji's future is murky and you may be left with another orphan system in the future. If I was to leave A Mount for another brand I would play it safe with Canon, Nikon or Panasonic. With the new adapter, which didn't exist when you switched, I would go E Mount. The fact is though, I love my A99ii and plan on sticking with it until it breaks.

I guess that is where we have to disagree. Fuji feels like it is running very solidly, having released two new bodies, with new lens releases following.

But even beyond that, I was sold very strongly on the handling of the bodies. I feel far more connected to the camera than I ever did with any Sony body. No diving into menus, logical control layout.. it's great for me.

All that said, Fuji isn't the point here.. who I left for is only auxiliary to why I left. After all the Sony cameras I had, it hurt having to accept that the mount is dead and forgotten, and we had been duped with the A99ii (lots of promise, no support).

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