An Hour Before a One Month Lockdown

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Re: An Hour Before a One Month Lockdown

JohnWick4001 wrote:

ashton lamont wrote:

Benjamin Kanarek wrote:


When my wife and I are walking in Montmartre, we are always wearing our masks and always social distance. These clients were sitting as close as one would under normal circumstances and the bars didn't apply social distancing protocols.

Those of you who are not pleased by my comments might consider this, it is akin to not wearing a condom especially if you aren't sure your partner has AIDS!

You may not be open-minded enough to accept that the same amount of information - some accurate and informative, some just plain scare-mongering - has been bombarded onto all those people in your shots; that people are then able to reach their own conclusions as to the risks and the wider consequences. You have reached your own opinion, others differ with you. It is nothing to do with irresponsible devil may care attitudes. Shame on you for insulting the people in your shots, people you know nothing about.

Perhaps you haven't experienced any deaths in your neighborhood,or your family because of Covid19. We lost my Girlfriends' mom and 30,000 plus in my city in a few months.

Shame on you for not having the empathy or common sense to realize just how deadly this is.

You have no more empathy or common sense than the earlier poster exhibited. You simply do not accept that other people with the same experience information and intellect can reach different conclusions to you. My last experience of a loved one's death was 11 hours and 40 minutes ago.

My daughter is a nurse and has worked on an acute ward until very recently; she has now moved over to be a community nurse (as its called in the UK).

Do try to have some maturity, its not all about you. Then I will not have to try as hard to feel sympathy for you.

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