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Re: *Kicking Off with a few of mine* Nice pics Stevie, but you're wrong...

Hi there Stevie, Well there's no problem with complimenting you, as your pics are very nice. But, and here I have to disagree with you, as I'm sure you are well aware, the UK is in fact made up of four different nations, and we each have our OWN National Bird. So how can any one of these birds be called the UK's National Bird. I can see what you are referring to with the Wiki bit, but, in this case Wiki is wrong. Shortly you will have the Scots stating their case for the Golden Eagle to be the UK's bird of choice, etc. etc. We are our own nations with our own governments, and our own national birds. So without being prejudices here, I do not want your robin, as our bird, as I happen to love the RED KITE.    Take care mat during this very iffy time of our lives with this rampant covid situation.

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Have a good day.
Regards, Allan.

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