Hiking daypack photography backpack?

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Rohith Thumati Contributing Member • Posts: 671
Considered the Lowepro Photo Sport?

It’s not on your list, but I’m quite happy with the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 I recently bought. I’ve only been on a few hikes with it - between 6 and 9 miles in 75-80 degree weather - but it’s been really comfortable. I run hot and I’d say it’s decently breathable. The hip belt is good and it’s easy to adjust.

It has a plenty of space for everything you’ll want to carry on a hike - it has loops for trekking poles, a side pocket for a tripod, and a pocket for a water bladder, and plenty of internal space plus an external stretch mesh pocket for clothes, food for the day, first aid, etc.

The only thing it might not accommodate is the laptop. Anything bigger than a  13” MacBook Pro in a thin sleeve won’t fit (and even that’s a bit awkward of a fit because of how narrow the bag is). Something the size of an 11” iPad Pro, though, fits in the hydration sleeve.

Lowepro makes a Photo Sport 300 that should work for bigger laptops, though.. It’s substantially bigger than the 200, but should still be carry-on size.

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