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Re: I Guaranty There's a Whole Lot More There...

swimswithtrout wrote:

This is just a case of not knowing how to PP an image...

Upload your stacked TIF to Dropbox or even Google drive

I have already uploaded to my Google drive and my DropBox. In order for someone to be able to access the file I need an email address to send a invite notification that they have permissions to edit/download the file. Google drive will only send notifications to share the file to an email address. When I try to enter a user's name Google Drive won't allow me to do so. I get an error that says not a proper email address entered.

I agree that post processing astro images is not my forte. I have been attempting to follow online workflows to no avail. However, it could also be that I am imaging from a Bortle 9 sky in combination with my lack of experience processing astro images as well.  This is YTBD and I need to rely on the greater experience and advise from seasoned astrophotographers that are willing to help/advise a newbie (me).

ATPIT I'm starting to believe that the only thing that I have done successfully is the integration and automation of the hardware and software to be able to guide and take long exposure DSO images.

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