Deminishing returns.....

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Re: Deminishing returns.....

Astrozoid wrote:

When you use LENR you get a double whammy hit because not only have you lost half the signal you could have recorded, you are adding noise in each dark that you shoot in the camera. You would add a lot less noise with a good master dark.

I don't understand this. Please elaborate. If I take N light frames with LENR on (generally a bad idea, I agree), I will be using N dark frames, one for each light. Mathematically, there should be no difference between averaging N frames, each with a dark pre-subtracted, and averaging N frames then subtracting the average of N dark frames (the master dark). That does assume the camera is doing dark-frame subtraction properly and that is not always the case. I'm also not sure how stacking methods like median combine would change the math.

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