Interesting use for an old PowerShot

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Re: Interesting use for an old PowerShot

lorenzo wrote:

Dan, you're the man!


1. How did you control the photo taking? Via the self-timer with the X # of photos every so many seconds?

2. Aren't you concerned that the camera will fall off?!

3. I see the potential for all sorts of mishaps that would lead to great photos — attacked by hawks, crows buzzing it with aerial acrobatics, drone collision, etc.

4. Have you tried video?

In any case, some incredible aerial shots. Nice to see.

Thanks for the compliments. To answer your questions:

1. I am using custom firmware called CHDK that has an interval timer. Actually, someone made a CHDK script specifically for kite aerial photography (KAP) that also controls the exposure to ensure a fast shutter speed. Without that, most shots would have motion blur.

2. Well, despite much wild swinging around, I've never had the tripod screw come loose. Though you bring up a good point. It might be a good idea to add something to save my bacon just in case.

3.I did have some vultures fly by the other day, but I didn't end up seeing them in any of the images. I guess the next most exciting thing would be that dragonflies seem to like to land on the kite line. I have circled with vultures a couple times with my FPV R/C plane (aka drone, I suppose). That was fun.

4. No video, since without something to stabilize it, it would probably be very nausea inducing. But you can find some KAP videos online where people used gimbals. Personally I find them a bit boring, though. Might as well take stills since the kite doesn't do much in the air.

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