What is the best way to store cameras?

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Guy Parsons
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Doing it properly

As the pandemic cancelled trip refunds flow in (slowly) there is money to burn, so....

I finally got serious and bought a proper dry cabinet, now all my M4/3 gear and compacts have a nice safe home, keeping it at 40% humidity, which apparently is enough to inhibit those mould spores (that are everywhere) from growing.

When I need a camera or need to venture out again then I simply grab exactly what I need and place them in the shoulder bag, or belt pouch.

I leave batteries in all the time and do periodic checks to see if any need a recharge, never any problems over the 18 digital years of doing that.

In my case it is an eDry brand 82 litre cabinet, made in Taiwan. Quaint English at times, but they are a quaint people (been there in 2018 on holiday). http://www.edry.com.tw/en/products_detail.php?id=251#link

One thing that inspired me is that the cabinets draw only a tiny amount of power, like 5 Watts, so cost less than peanuts to run.

I added plastic trays from a discount store, so one for bodies, one for lenses and one for compacts, thus there's less scrabbling in the dark interior.

Lousy shot as constrained by the amount of elbow space in my junk room. Stray unused stuff lurks in the bottom area.

Side note: Micro Four Thirds sure makes storage easy, many bodies and lenses in there, plus a lot of compacts.

Other recent storage/fungus threads https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64398366 and https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64500771

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