Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

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Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED

hypercore360 wrote:


Anyone have, or have had, the Nikkor 800mm F5.6 Ai-s ED, that they can speak in terms of it's optics. I'm not about to drop the $$$$ into the latest version, but something like this, I wouldn't mind getting for myself, as I'm not that much into BiF, or other uses for this lens.

Is it good optically? Not worried about handling it. It'll go on a big / study gimbal.

Thought and opinions welcome.


I'm going to follow this as it is a wish list item I've looked at and would love to obtain.

My lenses are a 600mm F5.6 AI (Love it, almost handhold it)

600mm F4 AIS (love it but a beast to lug around)

200-500mm f5.6 AFS - Always end up using it.   The advanced / newer optics of the newer lens + VR plus using on a D850 or D7200 gives me the reach for just about everything with a good result.

I experiment every now and then, totally unscientific, with using the 200-500 with TC20eiii (2x) and 600mmF4 AIS with the TC-301 (2x) at the moon and the D850.  Anecdotally / incidentally? I get the better result with the 600mm and TC301.

I see the 800mmF8 is more affordable but that 5.6... !

I'll keep watching...


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