How do you think, when lighting?

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Re: How do you think, when lighting?

bicho wrote:

So, how do you think when lighting?

a desired look is created by understanding the behavior of light when it interacts with a given shape and material. Since light is both particle and wave, it has peculiar properties for example: a strong point source acts as a hard light at distance but a diffused source in proximity. All materials reflect light differently , an understanding of the family of angles of contact and reflection are needed. etc. What is a polarizer? why doe sit work in situation X but not Y?

Diffusers, reflectors, gobos, backgrounds, bounce cards, flashes, LED lights, desk lamps, umbrellas, other diffusers, diffuser materials etc stands etc etc. All in the kit

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Canada .25 coin will look like a pizza pan with aligning the camera with the proper family of angles.

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