Agitation. constant vs Intermittent. Opinions

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Chemical considerations

I’ve only used traditional tanks so I can’t predict if there are any side effects like unevenness, but I can share some thoughts about chemistry.

Continuous agitation especially with non-dilute developer mixes continuously brings fresh developer to every part of the film. Areas with strong exposure keep going and going into higher densities. In some cases that can result in a higher contrast than you might like. Or maybe gives you a punchy contrast that you seek.

Reduced agitation especially with dilute developers work differently. The developer solution gets exhausted in broad high exposure areas leading to reduced global contrast. Local acutance is not affected very much, you still get active development in the edges of high exposure areas if immediately adjacent there is a low density. The developer molecules diffuse across short distances.

None of the above is about steering you one way or another. There are multiple tools in the box, use the tool that makes sense. If you don’t mind running a few experiments you can get a sense of what works in that tank.

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