Dusted down my a99 after using a99ii...

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Re: Dusted down my a99 after using a99ii...

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

DivineMadcat wrote:

daehnomel wrote:

Sony! A lot of us would still like an a99iii. The LA-EA5 is no substitute for our beloved a99’s!

Honestly, the EA5 should be the final proof that there is no future for the A mount. They want the remaining user base on the E mount, with A going to the graveyard.

Last month I sold my A99ii and major lens collection, and moved fully to a Fuji system. I enjoyed the system, but there was no point in pretending that Sony was ever going support it more..

Brave move. I have a toe in the water with the Fuji system too, via an old X-T1, an X-H1 and some decent Fuji glass such as the 90mm prime and the 16-50 f2.8 lens. However, I have to say I do still like the full frame aesthetic and the high ISO capabilities offered by Sony cameras so I won't be going full-on Fuji any time soon. Always loved the Fuji IQ and lenses though. The bodies, well, I never fully gelled with any of them. Always seemed a compromise of one sort or another. Haven't tried an X-T4 or GFX though.

Honestly, doesn't feel brave at all.  I had picked up an X-T3 first after doing some reading, and it blew me away; to a degree that after purchasing it, using my A99ii was a chore and unpleasant. One of the things i liked most about it was the completely different setup; the manual controls all over the body made it so much fun to use. Shortly after picking it up (w/ a 18-135mm), i purchased the 100-400mm (to give me the range i had with my Tamron 150-600G2), which sealed the deal.

One of the things that really bugged me, was Sony's artifical limiting with things like focus points. If i didnt pay the Sony tax, and buy a Sony lens, i don't get full use of my AF system. That never sat right with me, and really limited my Tamron (actually, limited every lens i owned). Beyond that, the ergos of the new Sony bodies didn't jive... i just had no interest in the way they were going.

Ironically, Fuji has blown me away with support. The X-T3 received a massive firmware update, and Fuji actually maintains a roadmap, and keeps promises about updates and support.  Yes, I am rather miffed that Sony releases an A99ii, and then promptly forgets about it (one pathetic firmware update that did nothing) and the system around it.

Finally, i will say there is nothing about FF that i feel like my X-T3 (and now partner X-E3) is not giving me. I have taken some wonderful images, and it completely reinvigorated my drive to shoot again.

tbcass wrote:

Yes. Since I have several A Mount lenses the obvious choice for me if my A99ii died would be an A7Riv with the EA5 adapter. Any other choice would require replacing all my lenses.

So, before i had my FUji, i had an A6000, and that saw very little use from me.  Again, the ergo and menu system did not impress me, nor did the images as a whole. My experience with that camera put it solidly in my mind that i would not enjoy the E mount system.  I have taken the time to demo the A7's in shops, but honestly, they too failed to impress (again, for me, ergo and menus being the big one).

When i looked at it from a lens perspective, the main gear i was really using with my A99II was:

Tamron 150-600G2 (crippled thanks to the Sony tax)

Minolta 28-135mm (old but trusty)

Minolta 80-200mm (old but trusty)

Minolta 85mm

With my new setup, i feel pretty good about the ranges i have covered so far:

Rokinon 14mm 2.8 (manual, but easy to focus)

Fuji 18-135mm

Fuji 23mm 1.4

Fuji 100-400mm

Right now, there is nothing i can't do with my current setup that i couldn't do with my old. I would like to get a 90mm prime down the line, but there is no rush on that right now..

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