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Op cit. (Image of cemetery contains two flags.)

embie wrote:

"I think it's very nice, also, if, . . . " y'all give me feedback on my image.

They are called "descansos."  The subject in question, may have been photographed around 1901.  It appears in a B/W image, in the Milwaukee image system.  That photographer evaded the more "modern" iconography and opted for images best digested in the NY magazines.

Anyway; refer to your PM, if you're wondering why I posted here.  On the day that I photographed the subject, I also photoed this one.  It's a snow-covered landscape with a wee bit of color.  If you read the inscription; the man would have been born around that time that Marshall rendered his decision in U.S. v Percheman; 1832, and in which he opined about the sovereign changing hands.

myDNA is in many of these bones, and up on top of the mesas, even more bones, yet to be discovered.  (Eagle Who Keeps Ten Crows Fed, made me say that.)

This is the Pueblo of Abiquiu's second of three cemeteries.  The first one is next to the current church site.  The rich invaded the pueblo, in full force, around Mexico's "Cry of Sorrows."  The new laws made encroachment on indigenous lands, all the more easier, for the elite, of this area.  They started building this cemetery, about the time that they pulled the wool over the eyes; literally.  The region was known for its wool industry.

So, they bought fancy monuments.

R2 - C3PO'd

The grounds upon which this cemetery rests were called "Los Jardines de Moque."  That translates as "the Gardens of the Hopi."  MyGParents are memorialized over there, where visibility becomes noise.

If you adjust your rabbit ears, through the noise, you'll hear some of my ancestors ask; "Why did the Pueblo of Abiquiu drop from the view of the federal agents?"

I like the OP's idea also; op cit, by me, some time ago.


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