Deminishing returns.....

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Re: Deminishing returns.....

Astrozoid wrote:

1llusive wrote:

Looks about right for 16 minutes of exposure.

Original post said it was "193 5' subs".

That would be 193 x 5 minutes, not 5 seconds.

Unless the original poster meant " instead of '.

Two other hints maybe... 5 sec ar f/5.6 at iso400 with a strong light pollution filter would not record this much. And, 15 minutes of total exposure is not when most people would start asking if they were at the point of diminishing returns.

So, if its seconds, then NO, he is not close to the point of diminishing returns.

If minutes, then YES, he is, and needs darker skies with his current setup, or a mono camera and narrowband filters.

Bortle 9 is brutal.

I've shot a similar/better image with 17 x 1 minute exposures. I think 16 sounds about right. There is no way that is 965 minutes. Think about that.

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