Deminishing returns.....

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Re: Deminishing returns.....

Saabster wrote:

Kemo-sabe wrote:

193 5' subs Bortle 9

Stacked in Sequator RNC stretched PP DxO PhotoLab4

FD 800mm f5.6l Canon 5D MKIII iso400 w Optolong L-eNhance dou-band 2" filter

DIY FD 300mm f4.0l guide-scope QHY5LII-C guide camera

iOptron CEM25P mount on tripier

adding more data doesn't appear to improve the image. Have I hit a point of diminishing returns?

With such short subs, it's possible. Why are you taking only 5 sec subs, especially since you're guiding? The L-Enhance needs longer time since it filters out so much light.

If you increase your exposure time to even 30 seconds at ISO 800 you'll be amazed at what you can get.

Did you take darks and flats? What processing did you do after stacking?

Here's a single 15sec sub from my Pentax K-1 at ISO 800 that I did some stretching in RawTherapee (a free image processing program.)

You have about 15 minutes of data. Imagine what you can do with longer exposures.

1x15sec ISO 800 Processed in RawTherapee.

Plus all the internet shooters appear to be routinely taking 500+ exposures as well. The more data to stretch the better.

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