Deminishing returns.....

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Re: Deminishing returns.....

Kemo-sabe wrote:

193 5' subs Bortle 9

adding more data doesn't appear to improve the image. Have I hit a point of diminishing returns?

You can always double your signal-to-noise ratio with 4x more exposure.

This is a ballpark way to look at it.

Does your image currently have the SNR you want it to have? If yes, then you don't need to shoot anymore.

If no, then look at your total exposure and ask yourself, are you prepared to spend 4x that much to double the SNR?

Now, looking at your image, you would say, you might say, wow, 772 x 5' more exposure seems like a lot for just 2x increase in SNR.

HOWEVER, if you want to record faint detail in the outer portions of the Orion Nebula, and you want to keep shooting from your current location, your only solution is to put a LOT more exposure in the image.

Of course, there may be more detail there that is just hidden because in your processing your have clipped the black point.

EDIT: seeing the previous post, it assumes you are shooting 5 second exposures. I am assuming you are shooting 5 MINUTE exposures.

If you are shooting 5 SECOND exposures, you need a LOT more total exposure.


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