Grain from a Sony A7iii

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Re: Grain from a Sony A7iii

Magnar W wrote:

jb12 wrote:

I think the dinamic range these days is so good, if you cannot take a good photo, you are doing something fundamentally wrong.

Depends on what you are doing, and the characteristics of the scene.

Images at harsh light are crap anyway.

Light is what shapes the subject. The challenge is how you use the light, much more than the quality of the light. Harsh light might be great light.

Personally if I see that I need to bracket, I just accept that this will not make a good photo and its just not worth it.

Why limit yourself like this?

Even if I like a photo taken in harsh light, I will always think that if the light was not as extreme the photo would be better.

Never mind a photo, what would you prefer, looking at a scene in harsh sunny mid day or enjoying it when the light is not as harsh? It does not have to be sunset/sunrise.

That is my personal opinion. Its ok if you disagree.

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