iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Andy, does the full library have ti be on the boot drive (rather than an external). Thanks.

No, it can be on any drive you like, but I'm finding it's working more reliably being on my boot drive. Besides, my boot drive is a Crucial 500Gb SSD, so the library part of the system works faster.

I was having lots of corruptions and issues when it was stored on an external drive (couldn't even get as far as importing everything). So far on the internal SSD it's been running fine.

Interesting! I have nearly always had mine on an external (too large for internal usually) and never had any problem.

Yeah, weird isn't it. I could never get it to import past about 20k images before it'd start corrupting and freezing, then refusing to work properly.

Using the internal SSD, and allowing to gradually upload to iCloud has been without a hitch.

No idea why, I tried it with a number of drive units, some even brand new, and a handful of different enclosures too (USB 3 and Firewire 800).

Now I've almost retired the iMac, I might try installing a standard HDD again, with enough storage to keep local copies of the iCloud library internally.

It might have worked better if they'd done the same as Lightroom where the library is on the boot drive (and they don't give you a choice), and the master images on an external drive (which is what I still have at the moment).

I know its frowned on but I have had my Lightroom Cloudy library on an external, symlinked to the internal, for the last two years, without any problems. With smart previews stored locally the library is 98GB and my iMac internal is only 256GB.

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