Sony FE 1.8/85 Portrait AF/Sharpness Issue

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Re: Sony FE 1.8/85 Portrait AF/Sharpness Issue

Malling wrote:

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Hi everyone,

I'm an absolute beginner so please bear with me if this question sounds silly. I just got my A7C and Sony 1.8/85 FE after years of relying on iPhone for photography. Given what I read, the newest Sony eye-tracking AF + 1.8/85 should guarantee the quality of a portrait in a normal light situation even wide open. I took a bunch of photos last few days and found a lot of times the portraits are not sharp/lose focus if look at it at the original size. Maybe it is due to my incorrect usage or bad photography skills but I just wanted to make sure it is not a faulty copy of lens. If I use the kit lens I don't have the same issue.

I posted three examples at the below link. As you can see the first portrait looks not focused and the second is ok (all in 1.8 & 1/160s). I took a few of those in a row and a good number of photos are like the first one. The third one is using the kit lens and I rarely find variations on simple portrait

Increase your Shutter speed to 1/200-300, 1/160 is generally to slow unless your model stand very still and you stand correctly and holding your camera steady... And 1.8 gives a very shallow DOF at 85mm you might want 2.8 or 4 to avoid the face to be partial out of focus.

there is nothing wrong with your lens, it takes time to learn how to use “pro” lenses.

Thank you!

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