Grain from a Sony A7iii

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kind of.

I thought one of Sonys biggest selling points was that it could handle low light /high iso without causing too much grain?

Is better to over expose and reduce the hightlights to prevent grain then?

You will get blown highlights if you over-expose. It's easier to lift shadows and fix the noise than it is to recover blown highlights.

Expose so that you can recover the highlights, not more or less. This is about 1.5 to 2 stop more than the right edge of the in-camera jpg histrogram shows. Expose like this, then the shadow data will follow as nicely as possible.

If even more shadow detail is needed, make an extra exposure and run HRD post processing.

Whoa! This is a new concept to me. I know about ETTR which I use. Do you mean that, using the live histogram, you expose until there there is something almost touching the right edge (highlight) AND THEN YOU ADD ANOTHER 1.5 stops of exposure to that so that the graph is 'blown' but in reality your RAW sensor is still registering actual data? And is this a commonly known technique? This is fascinating as I have never heard of this before.


IIRC, you can fake it by setting Zebra to fire at 108% and I sadly don't have a cite for that.

But yes, the RAW files have more DR than OOC JPEG's except that the camera is using the *JPEG* to determine clipping and histogram etc.

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