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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy Hewitt wrote:

ChrisLumix wrote:

P Harg wrote:

When I switch on iCloud photos, will it keep all my images on my iMac or does the process involve the files uploading, being deleted on the iMac, and then them being downloaded to the iMac. It seems a crazy way to work that way, but crazier things do happen.

Absolutely not. When you upload to iCloud the originals stay on your Mac. It's other devices they then get downloaded to - but only if the device s are set up normally and not prevented from doing so.

Not if you set it to ‘Optimise Storage’, it will remove master images from any devices that this setting is used on. It is easily possible to have your entire collection stored only in the cloud (this is currently my setup, as I don’t have enough local storage for the full library to be stored on my boot drive).

Andy, does the full library have ti be on the boot drive (rather than an external). Thanks.

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