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RLight wrote:

The G5X Mark II does have an auto-closing lens cover... And it's very useful I might add.

Yes - that's why I'm so keen on that camera!

Perhaps you can help assuage a concern I have -- I am checking out a G7X mk III currently and there is a surprising and annoying lag of a half-second between pressing the shutter and the image being displayed on the LCD for review.  (The screen continues to act like a viewfinder during this interval; if it briefly went black or something that at least might be a little less annoying.)  This is not affected by image resolution or JPG versus RAW usage, etc.; I am not aware of any setting that can eliminate this.  Never have I ever seen any camera behave like this.  I also discovered the SX740 seems to behave similarly.  I'm trying to figure out if this is a result of Canon firmware circa 2019, and whether they might fix it in the future, or whether this might be regarded as desirable behavior for whatever reason.

Does the G5X mk II have this lag?  Are you using Firmware 1.1 or an earlier version?

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