Sony Prime Lens

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Re: Sony Prime Lens

1. 35 + 55
35 because it's my favorite focal lenght and it's useful for almost everything. Sony 35 f/1,8 is very sharp but I'm happy with the tiny and contrasty 35mm f/2,8.
I tried a lot of 50/55mm and I must admit the 55 is great. It's well balanced on A7 cameras, extremely sharp, fast to focus and has smoother bokeh than most standard lenses. It's expensive but it's not an ordinary standard lens.
Sony 85mm is a very good lens but bokeh is not the smoothest.
Choose the right focal lenght rather than the best performer, these are all good unless you get a lemon.

2. 55
55 because it's a better lens than the 35.

3. I don't know. The 24mm GM must be excellent but you will lost quite a lot of versatility.

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