It's that time of year again

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Re: It's that time of year again

mikero wrote:

I use a focus differential of 3 for this type of shot.

I focus on the closest part of the scene that I want sharp, and fire off a standard 30 frames. This is more than enough to cover the depth of the fungus. Then back on the computer I decide which frames I actually need for the stack, usually deleting all focused beyond the furthest part of the fungus. Then process in Zerene. Much easier to shoot ample frames in the field and work out what I need later than to try and work out the optimum number of frames at the time of shooting.


Thanks, I used differential 2 for these shots and about 10 to 16 frames.
I sort them out at home with Capture One Pro.
When you are shooting for a few hours it takes another few hours to sort everything out
I am planning to test some shots at home and make a note of the distances, differential used and the number of shots to have some sort of guideline in the field.



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