Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

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Re: Mitakon ZhongYi lens design adoption by other photo brands

Pennyfan wrote:

yukosteel wrote:

And the latest known appearance of Mitakon 35mm F0.95 mark II optical design - are mechanically redesigned Risespray 35mm F0.95, and 7Artisans 35mm F0.95 lens on market, that have optics looking exactly like Mitakon and having similar optical performance. However in this case it's looks like a positive story, because that lens have noticeably lower price - $250 - $300.

I was not completely sure about Risespray/7Artisans adoption of Mitakons optical formula, because can't find exact design picture of Mitakon 35mm F0.95 mkII. But today I discovered another connection - adoption of Mitakon 50mm F0.95 optical design.

I have pre-ordered the 7 Artisans 35mm f0.95, will do a side by side comparison with my Mitakon counterpart.

Thank you! That will be awesome to hear your impressions as a current Mitakon owner.

So far I'm very pleased with Risespray 35mm F0.95, after shooting with Mitakon for 4 years. I'd expect same, or better performance from 7Artisans. Unlike some other lens of that brand like 50mm F1.8, the optical core of 35mm F0.95 is more solidly built, so should be a higher chance to receive sample with perfect optical alignment.

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