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Confusedabit wrote:

It took them a heap of time in the RX100 to break out of the 70mm barrier and Panasonic were well ahead of them there. The release prices also are pretty mind boggling also and the persistence of old models just makes assessing what does what a constant nightmare. I wish they would trim down the range but they are struggling with costs obviously and running old lines keeps the low end going.

Sort of - the first two RX100’s had a dimmer 28-100 lens; they didn’t go to the 24-70 until the 3rd iteration. So, between the three different lenses on the RX100/ZV-1, the two different on the RX10, the RX0, and the oddball QX100, I think Sony has done as good of a job as anyone as trying different things with their 1” sensor platform.

Agree on the other points!

The average CIPA embarkation fixed camera cost was $264 in Jun but $208 in August from my calculations. Are Sony or any of them really shifting much of this exotic stuff? It does not make any sense looking at these numbers. The HX400V surprisingly holds up well with the current SX70 in comparator images and they probably just sell a load of these more than anything else though anyone wanting to post an image will see they will just get a lecture on the wonders of the 1" sensor and not bother.

I am intrigued to see the different in value of kit talked about on these forums and that out there with silent users looking at what they are paying. Even with dealers markup it is difficult to see much current Sony or any other makers top end kit out there. 1" generates a lot of talk but how much money it makes is as always a mystery in the secretive camera industry.

I would be interested in your views on this.

The high end cameras are probably only a couple percentage points of unit volume, but they’re certainly the bulk of profit, making them worthwhile. Premium, higher priced products almost always have significantly higher profit margin than lower end goods.

Here’s a thought exercise. Hypothetical Camera Co. sells two cameras, the Cheapo-1 for $150 at wholesale, and the Xpensive-10 for $800 at wholesale. HCC sells 10,000 units of the Cheapo-1 and 980 units of the Xpensive-10, which gives HCC an average revenue per unit of $208.

The profit margin on the Cheapo-1 is 10%, so HCC gets $15/unit in net profit, while the profit margin on the Xpensive-10 is 20%, giving HCC a net profit of $160/unit. So even though the Xpensive-10 is a bit less than 1% of the volume of the Cheapo-1, it generates ~51% of HCC’s total profit.

While obviously not real (if anything, I’m probably underestimating the difference in profit margin between the expensive and cheap product), I think it’s a good illustration of why the higher end kit exists. It won’t sell in high volumes, sure, but it doesn’t need to either to be worthwhile.

It doesn’t surprise me that unit value went down this summer, either - given the shaky global economy over the summer, high unemployment, and lack of travel and other photographic opportunities during the pandemic, that should be expected,

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