Sony FE 1.8/85 Portrait AF/Sharpness Issue

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Re: Sony FE 1.8/85 Portrait AF/Sharpness Issue

VLreviews wrote:

The softness in the first shot looks like motion blur to me. Second and third look fine. I would make sure that

  • SteadyShot is turned on
  • You are holding the camera steady, you are standing steady and you don't "jerk" the shutter (gently increase pressure until it releases)
  • Your model is standing still

As the second image looks fine, I'd say it's highly unlikely that something is wrong with your lens. The kit lens has 25 mm less focal length than the 85, so it's going to be easier to hold steady, assuming everything else is equal.

Thanks. I’ll try to hold it steady and take a few more. What’s the safe shutter speed for a moving target like little kids?

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