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lawny13 wrote:

Steve W wrote:

Pretty extensive review so first, Thank you.

Shot Canon for many years and was always happy with it but until very recently the 5D Mark IV was my last purchase. I don't really count the EOS R I bought and got a bargain basement deal on. With the same sensor as the 5D IV I gave it a try.

Back in 2014 started shooting A7Rs along side my Canon for the resolution, image quality improvements and compatibility to Canon lenses like my T-SE's that didn't support AF. As the Sony's improved up to the A7R III I transitioned over. I really like the capabilities of mirrorless. Also as the Sony glass improved I spent more money on those and as I could get a 70-200mm f2/.8 GM, 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM and the 200-600mm I also bought into an A9 and sold my 1Dx.

So until the R5 I pretty much consider myself a Sony shooter now but still a major camera nerd that likes to look and try other brands. After all if I didn't I might still be a Pentax shooter that never went to Canon. The same could be said for mirrorless without trying first Fuji and then Sony.

So here's a question. I have always made sure to have two compatible cameras, that shared a mount, that for weddings (not full time work) or travel I could take both. On Sony, with the A7 RIII and now A7R IV or depending on the even, A9 & A7R III, I have that.

If you think you are ok with A9 + A7RIV, then I don't see why you can't basically compare that to having an R5 and R6. In fact just based on the money, the latter combo is actually cheaper than the sony if you had to buy them new today. In fact I would say to just get two R5s and you still end up in the same price point about as the A9/A7RIV, and you won't have to pick and choose speed or resolution.

If I switch to an R5 (have one on order but won't come for a while since I waited till mid October to order) what do people suggest? While an R6 may make sense I am not as sure about its lower resolution or even the EOS R. Image quality for the R is fine but too slow to use at events (just my humble opinion) and I have tried it, Ok for a family holiday party but not were quick response is needed like a wedding.

Also have to say, changing topics slightly, that the Sony/Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZA is a great lens. I love mine. I used to own the older EF 50mm f/1.2L and prefer the Zeiss to that. I know the new RF 50mm f/1.2L is very good but its even bigger and heavier. The two combos differ by a little over 0.55 lbs. Not a lot but ... also admit I love 50mm maybe because I shot only that for 10 years at one stretch where that was all I could afford.

I agree with you on this point. I really like 50 myself and am willing to pay 1k for a good one. I was a little sad to see what might be another nifty fifty for RF. However if it is sharp and has good contrast wide open I would overlook the fact that it is likely not WR.
In other words, if it optically performs well, why not get it? f1.4 vs f1.8 isn't that big of a deal.

Anyway, all and all both systems have a lot to offer and not matter what you choose you can never blame the bodies or the lenses for not getting great shot. Since you can't do that any more who do you blame? The boogie man or take a look in the mirror?

Take care all. This is an interesting discussion.

Last but not least. I prefer canon. I shot the A7II from a year after it came out, and then the A7III for 3 years before switching back to canon. To me I enjoy shooting canon bodies, while I really only saw my sonys as tools. Its subjective. But besides this... from what you listed as the lenses you have, and the bodies you have, why not just wait?

One you get the R5, shoot it a while, but just stick to your sonys. Wait and see what shakes out from canon. Like that 70-200, or the 100-500 IMHO looks great for travel. And that 50 stm, though no RF 50 f1.2, looks to be quite small. Point is that the rumor has it that canon will release 14 new lenses next year, with a micro and a two tilt shifts among them. Surely you can wait till then to determine if you want to actually switch back. Personally having 2 sonys and 2 canons seems like a waste of money especially if you are going to be doubling up on FLs

Agree owning both systems is a foolish approach so hopefully I won't go down that path.
I will have to get the R5 in my hands to see if I still prefer Canon. I think I will but you really don't know until you can compare them.

I had an A7R and A7RII and not until I got the A7RIII, and A9 and now the A7RIV did the Sony's really come into their own with the new batteries and other features and even better AF.

Agree an R5 and R6 or even two R5 are not more than an A7R iV and A9 when I bought them but when I sell those they really won't pay for the Canon replacements. Luckily last week I sold 4 of my Zeiss Batis lenses and have a few other FE mount lenses I can sell even if I didn't switch systems. Bought those when there were no GM lenses but now I've really replaced them and decided I could let them go. I did like their light weight for some cases but can't have it all.

In the short term I can use the EOS R as a backup since people only want to pay EOS RP prices for it even with only < 1000 images. Also have some overlapping focal length I can live without or switch over to Canon if I decide to go back in a big way.

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