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techie takes pics wrote:

jabatama wrote:

I'm looking for a small camera with great DR and video performance.
I take family videos and pictures, also city, parts, nature shooting.

I was looking at Olympus M5-iii but the future of micro43 is not clear.

Does Sony or Panasonic have some offerings ?

I'm 60 yrs old and prefer something lighter. I would go with Nikon if the have great AF-C and low light capabilities. And lighter lenses.

AF is important because I have 2 small grandchildren and they move very fast.
Maximum weight I'm willing to carry is 800g body+lens.

Budget $2,800

Weight is mostly in lenses as they must hold the actual glass to iluminate the sensor.

APS-C saves a bit of weight, but Micro Four Thirds does more.

With a camera, two lenses and a TC, I can have the full frame equivalent of 24-300mm at f2.8; and 300-420 af F4. This weighs less than two kilos.
These are the heaviest lenses on the system: constant wide aperture pro lenses. Almost every other lens is a lot lighter.

The future of the system is a genuine point, but of little concern. My camera takes pictures and my lenses continue to work. Facts:

1. My camera will keep working regardless of decisions taken in a boardroom in Japan;

2. Any repair experience will remain available - for a price perhaps, but the guaranteed period does not last forever either;

3. There is always the second hand market. If I want I can keep it alive using second hand upgrades for the rest of my life.

4. For new cameras there is still Panasonic.

Yes, the camera division of Olympus was taken over by another company. This is very far removed from my day-to-day photography.

My eyes are set to Z6 ii with Z 24-70mm F4 S  or  Oly EM1-iii with 12-100 f4 Pro.

Can't decide on which one. Z6 ii might have better AF-C, but EM1-iii is not a slouch. 
if I buy EM1-iii I will shortly add 12-40mm.

Low light video shooting is important to me and Z6 ii might be better, I need to find a YouTube video showing E-M1-iii capability in low light video.

Both systems are good, I just have to make a decision.

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