Grain from a Sony A7iii

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Re: Grain from a Sony A7iii

gezzamondo wrote:

kind of.

I thought one of Sonys biggest selling points was that it could handle low light /high iso without causing too much grain?

Is better to over expose and reduce the hightlights to prevent grain then?

Well, Sony (Really everyone in 2020, but Sony *was* the best at it back when the III series was coming out by a mile) FF gives you the DR to make mistakes with. You *could* take that picture and be 4 stops to the left and actually get a picture out of it. A noisy picture yes, but a picture.

My RX100 V (Sony, but smaller camera) *cannot* do that. All those darks would be literally blacks. Which can be an interesting picture, I've got some nice artisitic interiors where I did exactly that, but I like the option.

But yes, what you're talking about is called exposing to the right (ETR), IE: Take the bumps on the histogram and move them as far right as you dare without actually blowing highlights. Alternatively, bracketing, where you take N shots 2-3 stops apart and merge them in post. Anecdotally, that works about 50% of the time.

In practice, my R III has *enough* DR that I actually expose 1 stop from the right, because sometimes I don't like compressing highlights and ISO anything above ~1600 gives you plenty of DR to play with. You'll notice noise at 800 though.

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