Sony A6400 - a couple of queries before possible purchase

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Re: Sony A6400 - a couple of queries before possible purchase


Thanks for your further reply.

I don't think I will be trying to train my nose or tongue to operate the EV Comp control!

My nose always wanted to set focus when I tried to use touch focus on the rear screen of other cameras I have used. Of course, it never put focus where I wanted it.

Using the A7ii is not perfect but manageable. The dedicated EV dial, which I use all the time, is nowhere near my face.

I use the front and rear dials to move the focus points around, given the absence of a joystick or touch focus. Not perfect but it avoids having to use the rear control wheell which is right against the tip of my nose.

As you suggest that may be different with the A6400 finder being to the left.

I haven't been able to try one yet, given the Covid situation. It may work, but there isn't the flexibility of options that there are with the A7ii.

As someone else suggested I could make the top dial dedicated to EV Comp, but I also change the aperture alot to control depth of field, and the A6400 doesn't have the front and rear dials of the A7ii.

I have just noticed your gear listing. You have 3 items I am considering buying.

The A6400, the A7iii and the Tamron 28-200.

Rather than deflect the content of this thread would you mind if I PM'd you to ask for your impressions of them? I'm particularly interested in your views about autofocus ease and performance of the two cameras, given the real-time tracking in the A6400.

Thanks for responding to this thread

Best Wishes

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