Buying an XPro 1 today

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Re: Buying an XPro 1 today

jslade797 wrote:

I did this last year and wrote a post about it (with some images) here:

tl;dr - Lovely output, though easy enough to replicate in post with other sensors. As others have pointed out, there are plenty of limitations (focus point moving, terrible EVF and poor AF the worst offenders) so figure out if you can live with them first!

Thanks for the review!

I don't have any experience using the Fujifilm system but considering the 16-55 f2.8 with the older sensor or a couple prime lens (16 f2.8 or 23 f2) with the new sensor. Is there any good/ bad reasons for choosing either?

Ideally would like something for documentary/ street/ landscape and possibly time lapse stuff. I can't decide so any advice would be really helpful.


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