Handheld Macro for XT-2

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Re: Handheld Macro for XT-2

Unfortunately, I think you may find it quite frustrating if you want to use natural light, or only use flash as a fill. Because any hand movement is magnified more the closer you get, it’s extremely difficult to avoid shake unless you use high shutter speeds. You also need to stop down for adequate depth of field, so high ISOs are thus unavoidable. A further problem is that, at least in my experience, the X-T2’s AF-C isn’t sufficiently responsive or accurate enough to cope with subject movement (or your movement) at close range, so you’re dependent on AF-S - which is do-able, but not ideal - it’s a bit hit and hope, particularly with moving insects or if there’s a breeze. It helps a lot if you can focus bracket, but I’m not sure the X-T2 has that feature.

I’ve used each iteration of the XT line and it’s only with the 80mm and X-T4 that I think the system has matured sufficiently to make hand held close up work reasonably viable - i.e. a decent hit rate - but that may be that I’ve got better at managing its foibles, or I may just not be very good at it!

Apologies for this somewhat gloomy assessment and good luck with whatever option you choose, it’s a really fun field of photography when it all goes well!

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