For the weary pro (pocket)

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Confusedabit wrote:

It is interesting how Panasonic have output a raft of different touch screen cameras with 1" yet Sony really just churn out much of the same with just a faster focus and the latest sensor.

Touchscreen criticism aside, I’m not sure that’s quite fair to Sony. They’ve had 3 completely different lenses across the 9 different RX100/ZV-1 models (I may be missing a variation in there; their naming conventions are terrible). They’ve also had 2 different lenses for the RX10 line, and the RX0 action camera line. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see Panasonic doing all that much better:

DPReview List of Panasonic Compact Cameras

DPReview List of Sony Compact Cameras

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