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Re: consolidating vs comprising

Andy David wrote:

I think you gave some good examples of duplicating and compromising. Why get the Sony if you need the grip? Without it it, its a compromise. And if you get the A7R4 then you need a camera with higher frame rates and another for video. Then you are duplicating lenses. You'll find yourself with several 24-xx lenses, one for each body. And when you bring the wrong body you compromise. Or worse you have that giant bag full of cameras even though you can only use one at a time.

The R5 isn't the smallest camera, but I've got a new smartphone that fits in my pocket that I carry always. I want a camera like the R5 that isn't a compromise and that does everything I was and does it very well.

With other cameras I feel you'll be tempted to get extra bodies when they come out. In a year or two you might want to try 8K video. Or when someone else makes a 40MP camera that shoots 20 FPS you'll be tempted to get one. Or when others improve their stabilization, it too will be tempting.

I like the idea of being mostly future proof. Needing only one camera and owning only a few necessary lenses.

I fully agree with you on this.

Though for some I kinda understand why they don't see it like that yet. And I get their point.
The R5 is a great camera, just like you outlined. However, canon still doesn't have a full list of options for lenses for the system, buying new or even used EF glass is something that many won't want to do, and the biggest thing is that canon isn't transparent with respects to their future lens line up.
Though I am one to go oohhh and ahhhh at the f1.2 and f2 primes and zooms, I am also someone who actually prefer good but smallish lenses. I am willing to pay 600-1000 dollars/euros for the likes of a ZA 55 f1.8 or a Z 50 f1.8 over just another nifty fifty. Same goes for a lot of lens choices. Non WR and noisy budget lenses aren't exactly my thing. It is the one thing I liked when I was on sony. though I admit I only owned 1 sony lens. Those zeiss and ZA lenses were NICE!!

That said I am fine with canon releasing budget lenses. Like the 35, isn't my kinda FL but I see its value/use, so I am willing to pay what they ask for it. But as I implied above I would want a more quality 50. So if canon does a nifty fifty then I will be hoping they do a f1.4 50 and am willing to pay for it.

Of course if I take a step back, there are only a hand full of FLs this would fit really. Basically 35, 50, 85, and perhaps a 135. For the rest we have L level options for glass in the f2, f2.8 and f4 fixed apertures which are priced just like they were on EF mount (except the f2s).

Anyway... if canon does release 14 lenses next year the "lack" of lenses would be an issue of the past. And I would expect sigma and tamron to enter sometime as well. I do wish/hope for zeiss to give us some loxia like lenses for RF.

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