iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy, I have approximately the same number of photos as you in my Photos system library.

This is held locally on my iMac at the moment.

Can't remember if I have asked before, but I want all my photos to be in iCloud and to keep the originals on my iMac.

I know this is possible.. I know it will take a long time to upload 50,000+ files.

When I switch on iCloud photos, will it keep all my images on my iMac or does the process involve the files uploading, being deleted on the iMac, and then them being downloaded to the iMac. It seems a crazy way to work that way, but crazier things do happen.

My reasons for asking:

1.should anything untowards happens during the many days of uploading, I would still want access to all my files locally, and

2. What happens during the days of uploading to iCloud - can it all cope with new photos being imported directly to the iMac or from my iPhone to iCloud?

Hope all that makes sense!

Many thanks,

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