at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

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Re: at what high iso does A7r3 show less noise then A7r4?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

Back to your original question - it is pointless to ask which camera is at what ISO a tiny bit better except you're shooting predominantly at exactly that ISO.

- whether an A7R III is ⅓ stop better in noise performance or not is irrelevant since it's far away from the ISO 100 performance and thus only an emergency solution.

It's neither irrelevant, nor an emergency solution, for me.

Let me try to figure out a pragmatic way.

1st and foremost the A7R IV is worst case ⅓ step higher in noise floor at any given ISO setting at the same sensor magnification. In most cases it should be around or below ⅕ stop - this should not be visible without massive over exaggerating shadow lifting of any crazy stuff in post processing that we all do occasionally but that's not a normal shooting condition.

2nd and almost as important it's about the right gear - buy faster lenses and you can easily overcome higher ISO values - the GM 135 easily beats any given 70..200 mm lens even cropped and there might be interesting fast lenses available very soon - i predominately ue primes due to that reason - e.g. a GM 135 brings 1 ⅓ stops more light - that's far more latitude compared to what you could worst case loose with a higher resolving camera at ultra high ISO values that are rubbish in resutls anyway

It's how I shoot most of the time, and big part of the reason I moved away from tripod mounted sheet film cameras, I can make a picture handheld at iso 640 at f5.6 indoors in a situation where it would have been impossible to ask/get permission to set up a tripod and view camera.

The A7R III is still far away from any sheet film of the past three decades

I hope you don't really have this believe since it would be wrong - sheet film - especially large than 5x7" easily outperforms an A7R III - I know that because I have 5x7" slides from 20 years ago when I was doing that on a daily base - the field are just incredible - scanned the right way.

The A7R IV in 16x PixelShift slowly approaches this level - it's not 100 % there but it's getting close enough for may taste.

Buy a fast prime that works good at f/2.8 and you can shoot a lot of stuff quite nicely at ISO 320 on the A7R IV - which is the right ISO to shoot at with the 2nd amplifier engaged.

But I do appreciate the input, and don't doubt the accuracy of what you are saying.

Just rent both and you dan perform all the tasks you normally do - as said before - my A7R III doesn't get any usage any more since my A7R IV arrived - it's simply that less attractive to me.

I have the time and permission to use a tripod when I invade several thousand EURs for a camera body. Most of the time it's a simple call in advance to get that permission or to deduct 50 or 100 bucks to a social topic.

It seems that I would need to adjust my habits slightly and try to hold my iso at 400 if I get the r4 rather then shooting at 640 as I've been doing with the r3.

Or buy different lenses and train a bit to get shake free shots - the IBIS get's ne sometimes down to ⅕ s at short focal lengths - I love to use base ISO

Just shoot 5 or 6 samples and select the least shaky one

And Thanks to others who chimed in about DeNoise, was not aware of that before. Though I am very skeptical of 3rd party software that sharpens automatically.

Me too - I prefer to sharpen myself.

Think I will continue to use LR and mask in different NR settings on specific shadow areas using photoshop as needed. I recently made a bunch of 24 x 30 prints and and learned a lot about sharpening and noise reduction settings in LR, it's def not a one size fits all if you're actually making prints and evaluating them critically rather then viewing on screen.

Absolutely - best is always to have a printer nearby - very best is to own it - I have two 24" printers and my recent oneis hardly any more expensive than many multifunction scan printers

Cost of running is negligible.

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