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Hello guys,

after a few years using my d5300 and my kit lens 18-140 i feel ready (and also have the cash) for an upgrade of my kit. I am interested in the full frame mirrorless world as i hear it will be the future. However with all those cameras coming out ( Canon R5 & R6, A7rIV, Z7 II,Z6II) i am confused. Due to the pandemic i havent had the chance to try them nor will i have it any time soon. So i am counting on you to inform me a little bit more than the reviews (because they may have bias or some affiliation) about quirks or strangths of these cameras. I know there is an a7 IV coming soon so i might wait to see that too but i would like to have an idea of what i am looking at.

I mostly do landscapes and travel and so far i have been using only my zoom. I ontend to get more serious and buy a few more proffesional grade lenses so it would be a lot of help if you could offer me some advice on that too.

Thank you in advance

in order to narrow the choices down:

which lenses are you considering to start with?

24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 35mm. Then maybe a 50 and a macro

are you considering high mp (36+) or "standard" around 24mp body?

High mp

do size and weight matter?

A little bit. It has to be manageable. Not 16 kilos on my back

what is your budget for body and first lens(es)?

Enough for the aforementioned firat lenses and a r5(mention it because it is the most expensive)

ok, not very limiting parameters, i am afraid you are still looking at hours of research. this is my humble, very subjective opinion. i am an amateur, i owned a sony a7iii and fujifilm x-h1, i currently own a7riii and i used pentax k-r in the past. i am not interested in video at all.

high mp mirrorless lineup is a7riii and a7riv from sony, canon r5, nikon z7 and z7ii, panasonic s1r. as you intend to shoot mostly landscape and travel, i assume lightning speed af and tracking are not at the top of your list.

for me, size and weight are very important factors as it contributes to my decision on the day to take the camera with me or not. f2.8 zooms are not going to be small in any system, but there are still differences. this takes out s1r which i find a very attractive camera for my use, but the size of the body and lenses is a no-go for me. canon r5 and rf lenses are also on the larger side (unless you use 70-200 f2.8 a lot - this thing in rf mount is tiny compared to others) and while most are spectacular performers, they are clearly aimed at pro market where size and cost is not much of a consideration (although neither option is particularly small or cheap).

this leaves us with sony and nikon.

sony is definitely the most mature of all systems with plenty of native glass selection to choose from. and as far as bodies are concerned - there is nothing that sony cameras do not do very well either. in fact, they lead the pack in terms of af and sensor performance. they are also highly customisable so i do not really buy the "complicated menu" argument as you will rarely have to dive into it once your camera is set up. if you can afford it, go with a7riv which has the latest tech, better grip for the larger f2.8 zooms and irons out a few minor flaws of  the a7riii. if you want to save some money or fancy the smallest body, or want better high iso performance, the a7riii is still an excellent choice by today's standards. you also have excellent 3rd party f2.8 zooms from tamron and sigma to choose from.

however, my personal choice would probably be the z7ii. it may have something to do with me wanting to try a new system, but i had been on the fence between z7 and a7riii for some time before i went with a7riii and the decision was  based on the fact that the z system was just starting out. it has now developed nicely and i really like where nikon has taken it. the lenses are excellent and fairly compact, the bodies are a great compromise between size and comfort. yes, the af is still not class leading, but much improved since early days and perfectly usable for most genres.

a list of cost and size for the systems might help as well having a play with individual bodies at the shop - or, if it is an option - renting your favourites for a couple of days.

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