Hiking daypack photography backpack?

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Hiking daypack photography backpack?

I've been scouring the forums, going crazy writing down all the possible backpacks out there, both photo and hiking specific! Was hoping someone can help me narrow this down. I currently have an old LowPro Video Pack 250 AW and the Boundary backpack. The Boundary is supremely uncomfortable, but I liked how much I can fit in there, and the LowePro has seen better days and is awful in hot weather. When hiking it's really only for 2-6 hours usually so not very intensive.

My requirements are:

  • Carry on for airlines (in US)
  • Hydration bladder pocket (with hole for drainage if it bursts) or a water bottle pocket
  • Hold a laptop
  • Room for a mirrorless camera and a few lenses (A7RIII, Tamron 17-28, Tamron 28-200, and a small Sigma 28)
  • Ability to strap a tripod on
  • Solid hip support
  • Load adjusters
  • Back support and comfort - this is key. I HATE how hot it gets using the Boundary backpack or my current LowePro.
  • Room to store a fleece/lightweight jacket and hat/gloves and some snacks
  • Ideally also able to strap hiking poles in addition to tripod

I don't care as much about side/back panel access, but I do like the idea of not having front access - if the ground is dirty, i'd rather the front rather than back rest on the ground so I don't have a muddy backpack against my back.

I do have a Cotton Carrier Strapshot that I use, but I am still worried with the hiking bags that either I have to put my gear on top, which causes weirdness with weight distribution, or spend too much time rummaging around to get at my gear.

From a photography backpack perspective, I'd been looking at:

  • Mindshift Rotation Horizon - Looks ok, though I would probably need an insert for some lenses in the top pocket.
  • F-Stop Loka UL - Looks interesting, but not sure how much I can actually store in this. The lightweight part is great, but does it come at the cost of protection?
  • Thule Aspect - Doesn't seem great for hiking, but may store what I need.
  • F-Stop Tilopa - Probably slightly too big for carry on, but have heard some good things. Was told the Ajna was terrible for back airflow
  • LowePro Pro Runner BP 350 AWii (what a mouthful)
  • Shimoda ActionX 30 - Not sure how comfortable it looks

For hiking backpacks, I was looking at the following:

  • Gregory Zulu 40 - I really like the TMP back, and seems I can put in an ICU without much of a fuss.
  • Osprey Atmos 50 - Seems like it can fit everything I would need and compress enough I can take it on an airplane
  • Mammut Trion Pro 35+7
  • Mammut Trion Pro 50+ - if this can get on a plane that would be great
  • Osprey Kamber 32

Does anyone have experience with the above bags that can provide some input on how comfortable it was and how easy to access gear?

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