Water: long or short exposure?

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Re: Water: long or short exposure?

Great examples. I agree with the short exposure on the waterfall with water spray and mist - in that case it does show the power. The second example, not so much in my opinion, the water looks frozen and not how we actually see it, I'd probably do a 0.2-1s exposure in that case.

With the seascapes and waves/splashes I prefer exposures around 0.5-1s as that timing shows the motion the best to me. In my case on that location, the surf wasn't very powerful, had it been more powerful my equipment wouldn't have survived on the rock were I was standing and I'm not sure about myself.

So yeah I rather tried to show the mood/atmosphere and not the power of the surf.

richj20 wrote:

Quarkcharmed wrote:

This scene suggests the power and fury of the water crashing against the rocks. For me, a faster shutter speed would better capture the feeling.

A couple of examples:

Of course, if your intention is to create a different mood, then your example works fine!

- Richard

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