Water: long or short exposure?

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Re: Water: long or short exposure?

Thanks! That's very interesting - your version of the #1 looks almost exactly like one of my early edits, brighter with the shadows lifted. I then made it more dramatic and more contrasty. When posting to Instagram I usually lift the shadows in many of the images because phone screens usually add contrast and may make the shadows completely dark.

Same with #2, initially it was lighter (proof: https://500px.com/photo/1009938191/flip-side-of-cathedral-rocks-by-michael-borisenko) but later on I darkened it to convey the gloomy dusk time.

The b&w isn't very exciting compared to the colour one tbh, might need a lot more dodging&burning but the biggest issue is still in the separation of the three layers in the rocks. In colour it's a bit easier to show how the distant cathedral rock/stack becomes more hazy and less saturated.

jkjond wrote:

Thanks for the nod to reprocess. When I refer to crops I realise there often isn't an option to 'uncrop' - I should really say 'framed'.

I'll repost your version then mine in each case to show the change in emphasis. My versions may well be backtracking over ground you dismissed on your processing, but hopefully worth a look

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Plus a black and white of the long exposure. This version is looking a bit pale in the mid ground, I'd likely play some more if it were mine.

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